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About us

CSoft was founded in November 1991 as a private commercial company with a seat in the city of Varna.

The significant socio-political changes that began after November 10, 1989, created a favorable economic environment for young entrepreneurs eager to become successful by pursuing new ideas.

During the period of 1991-1996, Bulgarian banking system went through significant changes. The information technology sector was developing rapidly, too. However, the company managed to withstand the unstable market conditions by preserving its affinity toward innovation and providing tailored solutions to its clients. For CSoft, this was a time of intensive growth: the company moved to a new spacious office; the number of employees grew; the number of product installations exceeded 1000 and already covered the entire territory of the country.

From a technological point of view, the software developed by the company, evolved from 16-bit DOS applications to 64-bit, multi-thread applications with a multi-tier client/ server architecture and graphical user interface (GUI).

Experience, relations to clients and initial success not only motivated the exploration of new challenges but also established the key characteristics of the company’s products: innovation, integration, security, efficiency, and functionality.

The following four years have been a time for technological and functional novelties. CSoft created a centralized system for real-time intra-bank transfers, a centralized securities trade system using a standard SQL database, Oracle, and an Internet-based remote banking system.

At the beginning of the new millennium CSoft faced new, even greater challenges. In the banking sector processes of privatization and consolidation have been in progress. Many Bulgarian banks adopted foreign software products. Information system centralization was a key task for each financial institution. Knowledge and experience gained from successfully completed projects, as well as innovative thinking and creativity of the company’s team, have been crucial to the subsequent success of the company. CSoft succeeded to create a new system based on the idea for a fully integrated database. In terms of functionality, the company developed and implemented successfully new ideas and introduced some innovative objects: a financial center, a shared customer information file, a unified credit register, etc. A complete technological renovation was performed as well: all of the company’s customers have been using a standard SQL database as a DB Server; a unique CSoft development was implemented allowing parallel operation of several application servers; for the purpose of increasing operational speed a proprietary technology for the maintenance of system cache at application server level was introduced.

Completed projects

During the years, the efforts of this well-balanced and united team have been rewarded with a series of professional achievements regarding the successful completion of a number of complex innovative projects:




An extensive project for the operational merger of Postbank (Eurobank Bulgaria) with Piraeus Bank Bulgaria concluded successfully and flawlessly. It covered all areas of operation and it was completed in extremely short time with the participation of international vendors.


Several key banking digitalisation projects have been developed, including: electronic signing of documents, cash operations optimization using Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs), instant embossing of debit cards, an online platform for client onboarding and deposit opening


A new impairment system for loss allowance calculation of financial assets has been successfully implemented under the requirements of IFRS 9, effective from 01.01.2018


Helicon – a major international project with regard to the procedure for Legal Merger of Eurobank Bulgaria and Alpha Bank Bulgaria. The project, which besides these two banks also includes ten technological companies and vendors, started in December, 2015 and accomplished with the actual procedure of transfer of the complete data set and migration of IFlex to VCSBank on May 24, 2016


CSoft’s quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015


Еffected data transfer and migration of International Asset Bank toward introduction of VCSBank, as a core banking system


Two banks of the TBIF Financial Services B.V. group adopt the IT solutions of CSoft. In March begins the migration of TBI Bank – Romania, and in August completes the one of TBI Bank – Bulgaria


Migration to Unicode is implemented, which enables storing and retrieving of data in the national language of each user. This, in fact, makes CSoft’s solutions applicable all over the world, without any restrictions related to user language


Under an assignment of an international hedge fund, based in Great Britain, a new product for management of investment portfolios is developed and integrated – Portfolio Investment Management System (PIMS)


An innovative solution of the company is successfully developed and integrated, providing optimization of the bank customers servicing by using most advanced technical devices: TouchScreen monitors, electronic pens, specialized scanners, card readers, etc.


A specialized peripheral system is developed for analysis, evaluation and classification of risk exposures and for estimating the size of the provisions necessary for covering credit risk. This application successfully undergoes tests and satisfies the requirements of the Microsoft partner program: “Platform Test for ISV Solutions”


CSoft’s IT solution is successfully adopted by the National Guarantee Fund


The project for centralization and migration of DZI Bank’s information system is completed successfully. A new, greater challenge arises: Following the legal merger of Postbank and DZI Bank, the consolidation of the two bank’s information systems is carried out under exceptionally tight deadlines


CSoft’s quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2000


In just under six months, Municipal Bank is fully centralized and migrated toward using the CSoft’s products family


A multifunctional Internet-based remote banking system is adopted by Corporate bank


Postbank is migrated to MS SQL, as DB Server. Within just one calendar year, such migration is completed for all CSoft’s customers


A unique in-house developed solution enabling parallel server operation is adopted by Postbank, where, in the process of data centralization, during the period from May till November, the volume of processed data grows immensely: the number of entries in the customer information file increases from 7 000 to 900 000, and the analytical account entries number – from 10 000 to 1 000 000


CSoft becomes a Microsoft Certified Partner


Cooperation with Corporate Bank starts with a new version of the banking system, based on the idea of full centralization


Postbank’s customers can use the product for online banking – RemoteBank


A centralized securities trade system, based on a standard SQL database – Oracle, is adopted by Postbank


Postbank and Neftinvestbank use a centralized system for intra-bank real-time transfers


During the years, CSoft has proved its professionalism and technological experience, in confirmation of which, it is a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2001, and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2007.

The CS Risk Management System product has passed tests and meets the requirements for the following:

• Windows Server 2008 R2 Platform Ready – Works with Windows Server 2008 R2;
Windows 7 Platform Ready and compatible with Windows 7;
SQL Server 2008 R2 Platform Ready

Participation in the Microsoft partner programs is another guarantee of the quality and high technological level of the products and services offered by the company.