Our clients are both our strictest critics and our most enthusiastic supporters. The results of our entire work, from the tiniest error to our greatest achievement, directly influence their image, competitiveness and prosperity. Therefore, we treat our clients with a great sense of responsibility and we have repeatedly proven that CSoft is not only a good partner, but also a dedicated teammate.

Eurobank Bulgaria

Postbank, legally known as Eurobank Bulgaria, is a leading universal bank on the Bulgarian market, offering modern financial solutions to its clients. The bank traditionally holds strong positions in debit and credit cards business, mortgage and consumer lending, saving products, as well as corporate banking, investments banking and custody services. Postbank is a member of Eurobank Group – a dynamic European banking group.

Partnership since: March 1994.

Bulgarian Development Bank

The Bulgarian Development bank is created after the signing of a special law by the Parliament of the Republic of Bulgaria. (The bank is the successor of Encouragement Bank AD.)

The Bulgarian Development bank’s mission is to support the development of Bulgaria’s economy by encouraging export and the application of the government’s economic policy as applied to the micro-, small and medium enterprises. The principles of the activity of Bulgarian Development bank are: transparency, efficiency, profitability, effectiveness, and good practices.

Partnership since: the establishment of the bank in 1999.

Corporate Commercial Bank

Corporate Commercial bank AD was created in 1994. By the end of 2007, it occupied the 10th place by market share in the country.

Leading principles in the bank’s work are quality servicing, social responsibility and creating added value for the clients, shareholders, employees, and the society.

The bank is aimed toward providing professional non-standardized banking services with a high added value. Its distinguishing advantage is the individual approach toward clients and the provision of comprehensive bank servicing. The bank works predominantly with corporate clients, providing individual approach toward each client and transparency in its dealings, offering not just a sum total of banking services, but complete financial solutions.

Partnership since: November 2000.

Municipal Bank

Municipal Bank AD is founded in April 1996, as a universal commercial bank. It sees its mission in quality and equal partnership with clients, in order to satisfy their needs in financial services and products. The bank offers its products in 54 financial centers and 38 remote workplaces in 24 regions and 49 towns and cities in the country.

Partnership since: September 2005.

National Guarantee Fund EAD

National Guarantee FundEAD is a specialized financial institution with the main purpose of providing guarantees for the small and medium enterprises. Applying the guarantee system facilitates the access of SMEs to financing, compensating for the lack of history or insufficient collateral when applying for credit. It also reduces the risk taken on by the country’s commercial banks extending credit to SMEs.

Partnership since: November 2008.

TBI Bank Bulgaria

TBI Bank is part of the TBIF Financial Services B.V. group which also includes the following brands already established on the Bulgarian market TBI CreditTBI Leasing and TBI Rent.

As a part of the big family of TBIF Financial Services B.V., TBI Bank aims to offer the public an alternative banking service, quick services and flexible products.

Their ideas for SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises include various types of loans and leases.

Partnership since: September 2012.

TBI Bank Romania

In the short time since its founding TBI Bank Romania has built a portfolio of products that meet customer needs:

  • products current account transfers, foreign exchange, cash transactions
  • saving products – term deposits and Energy savings accounts
  • corporate lending products

TBI Bank wants to position itself in the market of financial services in Romania as a dynamic bank-oriented institution that meets the customer needs.

TBI Bank is part of the TBIF Financial Services B.V., which includes companies present in Romania, TBI Leasing IFN SA and TBI Credit IFN SA.

Partnership since: September 2012.

International Asset Bank

International Asset Bank AD was founded in 1989.  At present it is a universal commercial bank, holder of a full license for performance of banking activities in the territory of the country and abroad.

Priority for the Bank are the corporate clients, as well as the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The financial institution has a tradition of working with them and the opportunity to offer them the products required for the development of their business. At present the branch network comprises of 33 branches and 48 offices located in 67 different towns and cities across the country.

Partnership since: November 2015.