Security. Reliability. Functionality.

CSWebBanking  is an Internet banking system that provides convenience and security to customers when performing bank transactions and accessing current information on the balance and activity on their accounts. CSWebBanking uses approved technologies for data security and protection, it is accessible in 24×7 mode and works entirely in real time.


The system complies with the requirements of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, and each customer order issued through it is interpreted as an electronic document within the meaning of this law. In order to guarantee the security of personal data and the bank information being exchanged, the following are used:

  • Unique combinations of name and password for each authorized user;
  • Encrypted sessions (SSL) for communication between the bank server and the user browser;
  • User session timeout – automatic termination of the connection if traffic is missing for a certain time interval;
  • Digital certificates complying with the X.509 v3 standard, approved in worldwide practice for protection of financial information. The system works both with universal electronic signatures (UES) issued by providers of authorization services within the country and with digital certificates issued by the bank.

Access levels, signing rules

A flexible multi-level control over the entered documents is provided, as well as various access levels, matching the requirements of both private individuals and corporate customers:

  • Individual rights of access to queries and functions for each user;
  • Adjustable, signing rules: transaction size, permissible combinations of authorized individuals’ signatures, user groups;
  • Specific rules for the signing of various types of banking documents.

Document processing

Each customer order that is initiated is interpreted as an electronic document which goes through several successive processing stages:

  • Registration – saving of a new document signed with the X.509 Certificate of the user who created it;
  • Signing – sequential collection of the signatures necessary for the particular order. The process goes on until at least one of the described signing rules is satisfied;
  • Representation – legalizes the customer order contained in the electronic document, which has already collected all necessary signatures, before the core banking system.

For the payment orders already signed and represented, which wait to be performed due to insufficient available balance, the following can be performed:

  • Change of priority – change of the sequence of performance;
  • Cancellation – customer’s cancellation of a given order.

Payments in BGN and foreign currency

The Internet banking system offers an opportunity to perform various types of singular and mass payments in BGN and foreign currency:

  • Direct transfers in BGN and foreign currency;
  • Payments toward collection orders;
  • Payments to the budget;
  • Specific payments of budget spending units and administrators of public receivables;
  • Mass payments based on standard input files;
  • Recurring payments;
  • Currency exchange at official and contract rates;
  • Trade in Securities.

The formation of payment orders is simplified through: maintenance of counterparties; creation of user templates, etc.

All bank transactions are performed in accordance with regulatory requirements and rules of normal banking practice, providing an opportunity to fill out the necessary accompanying documents: declarations, statistic forms, etc.


CSWebBanking provides customers with a fast and effective access to varied information on the state and activity on their accounts:

  • List of deals – current state, general terms, interest, blocked amounts, upcoming maturity dates;
  • Account balances – data on the balance of each customer account on monthly or daily basis;
  • Statements – basic and detailed;
  • Budget limits;
  • Upcoming loan payments;
  • Viewing the state of transactions initiated through the system and the processing stage they have reached.

All queries, except for being shown on-screen, can be provided in a format selected by the customer – Microsoft® Office Excel, Text files, Microsoft® Office Word, RTF, PDF.

Customers may recieve general information about: quotes on currency rates, correspondent banks, banks participating in the national electronic payments system, etc.

An interface is available for file exchange and sending of individual and mass messages to the customers, which can be related to: events concerning their accounts; bank product promotions; changes in the bank’s tariff; upcoming regulatory changes, etc.