Mobile Banking

Reliability. Accessibility. Intuitiveness.

Mobile Banking

CSoft Mobile Banking is a specialized platform providing banking services for mobile devices (smartphone, tablet). The system offers customers convenience and security while accessing variety of financial features, current information, balances and transactional activity, as well as PSD2 integration and SCA implementation with biometric interfaces.

CSoft Mobile Banking is native and compatible with Android and iOS, operates 24/7/365 and enables great omnichannel user experience.

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Financial Services

Current and special bank accounts

Overview and payment services, user customization features


Preview summarized information

Deposit accounts

Overview and specialized services, user customization features


Overview, upcoming and overdue payment services, user customization features


  • Transfers in domestic currency
  • Transfers in foreign currency via SEPA, SWIFT, TARGET2
  • Currency exchange
  • Credit card dues repayment
  • Transfers towards budget operations
  • Cash withdrawal request
  • Loan disbursement request

Bank Cards

  • Card authorizations and transactions history
  • Validate and modify single trans/daily/weekly card limits
  • Preview summarized information


  • Consents preview, modification and confirmation
  • Payments preview and authentication
  • Strong customer authentication – proprietary implementation as well as integration with industry leaders

Partners and Templates

  • Quick payments to saved partners
  • Quickly create payments via saved templates
  • On the go managing of saved partners and templates


To ensure high levels of security while using CSoft Mobile Banking we used OAuth 2, strong customer authentication interface with biometric features, secure encrypted transport and smart device binding.


  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Simple and clear vision
  • Well considered navigation with quick access to features
  • Context dependent actions
  • Modular and responsive design


  • Omnichannel model
  • Simple and clear vision
  • Easy, fast and intuitive
  • Well considered navigation with quick access to features
  • Multi-level security
  • PSD2 integration