BNP Paribas PF Bulgaria Launches a New Deposit Gathering Platform Developed by CSoft
1 October 2021

In July this year we completed and launched a deposit gathering platform for our newest client - BNP Paribas PF Bulgaria. The web solution provides an opportunity for online registration of clients and opening of deposits without the need to visit a branch of a financial institution. The platform is built entirely in a cloud structure and CSoft manages it as a SaaS solution.

The system includes a module that allows the employees to perform the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure when opening customer’s accounts. The process is performed step-by-step, includes various roles and employees, status management and automatic verification in national registers. These processes can be customized according to the specifics and internal rules of the financial institution. Another advantage for the financial institution is that the new automation reduces the use of manual processes. It combines functionalities from two previous systems of the client, concentrating the activity in a single place. It also includes integration with various payment hubs and systems (AML, payments, reporting, etc.).

The platform has a responsive design. The main part of the service is delivered to the end customer through various digital channels and best practices for UX and UI. We are about to implement a mobile application for Android and iOS, in order to deliver even better user experience.

For us, this is the first migration, prepared and carried out entirely remotely. The complex organizational structure of the client required work in a multicultural environment, including specialists not only from Bulgaria but also from France, Belgium and Spain. Nevertheless, we delivered the project within the predetermined period of 7 months. The deposit gathering platform is being used and works smoothly from the first day of implementation. Ahead of us are similar projects for BNP Paribas PF branches in other countries.