CSoft BrightLAB Upcoming Official Opening
16 March 2023

In the last few months, one of the classrooms of the Electrical Engineering Faculty of the Technical University - Varna has been changed beyond recognition. From unwelcoming and impersonal lab, in obvious need of a major renovation, room 611 has turned into an elegant, functional and modern lab - CSoft BrightLAB.

The transformation was initiated and financed entirely by CSoft and became possible thanks to the skills and efforts of several companies that participated in the execution of the project.

Our idea to create a lab that any technical university in the world would be proud of is designed in the avantgarde interior solution of the young Varna architect Petar Stefanov. Тhe furniture for CSoft BrightLAB was also especially made аccording to his project, which successfully combines aesthetic appearance, ergonomics and functionality.

We have expressed the desire that the new laboratory - CSoft BrightLAB -  will be used by the students and teachers of the "Software and Internet Technologies" specialty of the "Computer Engineering and Automation" faculty.

The CSoft BrightLAB official opening date is 22.03 at 11:00.

The ceremony will be attended by teachers and students from the Technical University - Varna, representatives of CSoft and the companies involved in the implementation of the project, as well as guests from the Regional Administration, Directorate of Education and Youth Activities of the Municipality of Varna, also journalists from central and local media.

The creation of CSoft BrightLAB is another step in our long-standing cooperation with the Technical University - Varna. The donation is an expression of our conscious corporate social responsibility and our understanding of the importance of good education in the development of any society. Through the innovative learning environment created in CSoft BrightLAB, we hope to provoke modernization of the teaching process, to predispose students to activity, creativity and teamwork, as well as to support their future professional realization.

This donation is also an expression of our gratitude to the university for the contribution of all its graduates, who, through their work at CSoft, have helped to strengthen our corporate identity and the successful implementation of numerous  complex IT projects.

We hope that in the future the most talented students graduating from the "Software and Internet Technologies" specialty will continue to find CSoft a great place for realization, professional development and implementation of bold and unconventional ideas.