CSoft Conquered Two of the Highest Bulgarian Peaks
15 August 2020

We are delighted to share with you that one of our CSoft traditions was carried out last month, namely the annual CSoft Mountain Adventure. It was a breathtaking experince that we certainly won‘t forget.

Our adventure was a 6 day hike, where we conquered the peaks Musala (highest in Bulgaria) and Maliovitsa as well as reached the Rila, Urdin and Musalen lakes. They are among the most beatufil places in Bulgaria. But, if you have no idea what places are these, take a look at the photos and tell us if this is not spectacular!

This whole adventure also made us think that the programmer career path really resembles a strenuous hike. There are a few lessons that the mountains have taught us, which you can apply, should you decide to pursue a programming career. The most important thing is to always be hungry for new knowledge and to add new skills every time you possibly can. Another key feature is to find a team of self-similar and motivated individuals to have your back even in the most difficult moments. Here we have them both – a great team with common mission and shared values and the opportunity to continiously learn. We have built it with joint efforts over the years and we continue to do more and more to maintain this culture.