CSoft Keeps the Work Pace During a Pandemic
12 April 2020

In this particularly tense environment related to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we are witnessing numerous changes that affect our health and make the economic and social life around the world unstable. How the future develops depends on a number of difficult decisions and measures that will be taken today. We at CSoft, are aware of the gravity of the situation and believe that successful management of it is possible only if everyone makes adequate efforts to do so.

Driven by one primary goal, to protect the health of our entire team, our loved ones and the community, we adapt the commitments related to our normal operations with all COVID-19 distribution prevention requirements. From the very first day of the state of emergency, we reorganized our activities, encouraging home office, introducing additional increased hygiene measures in the offices and providing individual protective and disinfecting agents.

As a long-time partner of Bulgarian banking institutions, we at CSoft, have a good understanding of the social importance of stability, development and improvement of all digital services they offer in today's extraordinary conditions. In this sense, we are aware of the responsibility we carry as a major software provider to five Bulgarian banks: Eurobank Bulgaria AD (Postbank), Bulgarian Development Bank AD; Municipal Bank AD; TBI Bank EAD; International Asset Bank AD. Therefore, each day we strive to optimize the working process in emergencies, using various technological means of remote access (project management, file synchronization and sharing, video conferencing, etc.), while maintaining a high level of security and privacy. As always, we continue to provide services and products of the highest quality and speed that our customers are accustomed to receiving from us.

We believe, that we take the appropriate measures and rely heavily on the consciousness of each of us, because only by working together can we successfully overcome the trials we face. We are convinced that maintaining a normal rhythm of work will minimize the negative effects of the pandemic in our society and bring us closer to our normal way of life.

We take all the necessary preventative measures and actions and rely on the consciousness and responsibility of the whole team, because we believe that only together we can successfully pass the trials we face. We are convinced that maintaining a normal rhythm of work will minimize the negative effects of this pandemic, both for each of CSoft's employees and for our community as a whole.