CSoft Supports Elderly People in Need from Pravetz
12 January 2019

At our big family called CSoft, we strive to be socially committed and not to remain indifferent to the problems of others.

At the very end of last year, we supported the initiative Give a Christmas dinner to retired people in need from Pravetz. The cause is the work of a group of self-organized volunteers from Pravetz who decided to give a warm dinner, a nice word and a pack of groceries to the most deprived elderly people in their town and surrounding villages. They cooked for 60 retired people on a list of Social Care, prepared separately packages of essential products, and at Christmas they visited each of the elderly people to give them a little attention and joy, to embrace them and listen to what they desire to share.

For a few days, our colleagues gathered and sent about 100 pounds of provisions. We are happy that many people from all over Bulgaria have felt sympathetic to the cause and compliment the volunteers for their initiative and dedication!