CSoft Team Vienna Implemented a Project for Digital Onboarding of Customers in Asset Mobile

9 May 2022

CSoft has developed a feature that allows individuals to open their accounts with a debit card through the Asset Mobile application, without the need to visit a bank office.

The entire service is implemented in electronic form. At the same time, GDPR, source of funds declaration and all requirements related to anti-money laundry have been complied with. The process that the consumer goes through, each action and screen of it, are carefully considered and implemented, with a main focus on the convenience of potential bank customers. As a result of our efforts, our customer has an application that provides a secure process that saves valuable time.

The team that has been actively working on this project on our part is called Vienna. Their senior business analyst Vanya introduces us to the team and shares more details of their project.

Why did you choose this name for your team?

Vanya: Recently, the term European city has been used more often, and in our opinion, the city that can most vividly and accurately fit into this definition is the Austrian capital Vienna. It is a cosmopolitan city that combines the former imperial greatness, the unchanging classics, the modern spirit of young people studying at Universities. It is no coincidence that Vienna is frequently present in a number of rankings for the best place to live in the world. Persuaded by all of this, we bet on it for the name of our team. And we have it all - our own history, the experience of many completed projects and the fresh vibe that the generation born in the 21st century brings to our team. Giving this meaning to the choice of name, we wished each member of our team to feel comfortable and in their place and we are convinced that we have achieved it.

What projects has your team been involved in during the past months?

Vanya: During the recent months, the main efforts of our team have been focused on developing a functionality related to the payment of utility bills. Payments can be made through the customer's mobile application or electronic banking. Also, this can be done automatically, by adding a subscription or after initiating a verification by the user.

What were the challenges and difficulties you faced during the digital onboard boarding project through Asset Mobile?

Vanya: The digital onboarding project was something new for us in terms of the business process we served. For this reason, we faced some difficulties and challenges. First of all, we had to define the sequence of steps that the customer has to go through. What are they? Aren't they too many and too complicated? And yet, are they enough? These are just a few of the questions we asked ourselves at the beginning. Let's not forget that the onboarding happens remotely, the user is alone with his phone and everything should be easy and intuitive enough to avoid confusion and boredom, in search of the end result. At the same time, everything had to be placed within the relevant legal framework. Besides, the need to identify customers and verify them when signing documents electronically required integration with Evrotrust, as a provider of such services. Last but not least, the main challenges were development and testing.

What did you learn thanks to the project and would you apply in the future?

Vanya: The specifics of full stack development and business requirements demanded many and various skills, both for developers and testers. Each of us had to upgrade his knowledge. For example, developing the iOS app was something completely new for us as a team. The need for a high level of security and data protection challenged us to make additional efforts in order to improve our knowledge in this area. Applying this knowledge in practice was also a valuable experience for us.

We can definitely say that this project was a significant opportunity and added professional value to each of us. We expect these skills to serve as a good basis for the implementation of the second part of the project, which we will work on in the future.