First Place for CSoft at Business Run Varna 2021

2 October 2020

The CSoft team ranked first in the IHB Business Run Varna charity relay race held on June 13, 2021. Once again, we have proven that we embrace challenges and willingly support the active way of living and causes that contribute to positive impact.

The event has been held since 2013 in Sofia, and since 2018 in Varna on the territory of Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry and Bulport Logistics. It is charitable and 30% of the starting fees are donated to a different cause. This year, the organizers have chosen to support Karin Dom.

The competition is a relay race in which representatives of the corporate sector participate. The teams consist of 4 people, each of whom runs a distance of 4 km. The good cause motivated us to join this year's competition with two teams.

Our winners Kolyo, Zdravko, Mihail and Vasil took the lead after the second post and in the final they managed to dominate with a huge lead. Our second team, represented by Evgeniya, Iliyan, Antoniya and Peter, also performed very well, finishing in the middle of the ranking of a total of 48 competing relays. The analysis of the results showed that among the participants in the winning team there are no outstanding runners (none of them achieved individual time in the top 5), but the strong, equal performance of each of our four colleagues allowed them to deserve the victory.

Spirit of adventure, strive for excellence, dedication and teamwork are values ​​embedded in the corporate culture of CSoft. They bring us success not only in our daily work, but also in everything else we engage in.