Our New Mobile Banking App is Live Now
12 October 2019

In August we launched the first mobile banking solution developed by our company - CSoft Mobile Banking. This specialised platform designed for mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) is available for a variety of banking services. The system offers bank customers a new way for easy, convenient and secure banking. It is compatible with the most popular operating systems
(Android and iOS).

Developing the app, we gave our best to guarantee banks' security through digital channels, by following good practices in this field and taking into consideration the most recent regulatory requirements for authentication.

A tipping point of the implementation of this platform was the creation of ergonomic user interface which improves customer experience. Its navigation is well considered for easy, fast and intuitive one-handed operation with minimal effort. Moreover, we used widely recognizable graphic elements, but also different typographic fonts to emphasize the key elements. Design for both smartphone and tablet is identical.

The specific advantages of CSoft Mobile Banking, such as usability, speed and accessibility show a growing potential this app to replace internet banking for frequent, everyday banking services such as checking account balances, tracking transaction history, making transfers and paying utilities.