Introducing the updated and redesigned bWeb and bMobile

12 October 2019

CSoft is proud to announce the launch of our updated and fully redesigned bWeb and bMobile. The refreshed solutions promise to streamline the banking experience, providing a faster and more intuitive way for customers to manage their finances on the go. The first bank that utilizes bWeb and bMobile is International Asset Bank.

Our team has worked tirelessly to create digital banking solutions that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional, delivering customer-centric digital financial products and services. With the new release, customers have the power to manage their finances from any channel and enjoy the complete omnichannel banking experience.

We would like to introduce some key aspects of the updated bWeb and bMobile applications:

Web banking by CSoft

Interactive Dashboard: Customers can easily manage their dashboard and accounts, track their payments, and view their transaction history. The updated dashboard has a great new feature – "Pending Actions", where users can monitor due payments, pay utility bills, and sign pending eDocuments, all from a single, convenient place.

Unified Payments Tab: We made payments simple, fast, and accessible. As transfers are the cornerstone of daily digital banking users, we brought together all available types in a single organized and accessible matter.

Notifications Hub: Dynamic communication with the client is built into the solutions. The customer receives information about the product's lifecycle, special offers, and pending actions.

Enhanced Security: Our solutions utilize the latest security protocols to protect customer data, including multi-factor authentication, advanced encryption techniques, and software and hardware tokens as well.

We are thrilled to have worked with International Asset Bank to bring this state-of-the-art digital banking solution to their customers. Our team has put in countless hours to ensure that these solutions provide a superior user experience which is intuitive and user-friendly.

Sarkis Sarkizov, CEO of CSoft Ltd.

CSoft is a reliable software provider undertaking technological development and innovations as a mission. Upgrading our web and mobile banking solution is an ongoing process within which we keep the customer at the very center. The customizable dashboard, online onboarding, and many more features meet modern customers' expectations.