Five Young Techies Join the CSoft Family
23 November 2021
Five young techies joined the CSoft family after one of our most successful internship programmes so far. For two years now, we have been conducting our internships entirely online. However, this did not affected the results in any way. Quite the opposite - almost all participants performed so well that they received an offer for permanent work with us. Furthermore, their opinion is consistient that our internship will be crucial for their future professional development.

Our personal mentors played a major role in the programme guiding these young people, who were pleased to communicate with them on a daily basis. Within two months our interns acquired skills with Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server, Visual C ++, MFC, Document-View Architecture. Everything they learned lead to the creation of their own desktop apps which were presented to our most experienced developers at the end of the programme. The results made us feel proud!

We wish success to all graduates of our internship programme and we can't wait to see what brilliant developments the new additions to our team will create!