How to Combine University and Full-time Job
5 May 2022

Are you eager to start working in your specialty, but you are still studying and not sure if you will be able to combine two significant commitments? At CSoft, we believe that this is possible as long as you are enthusiastic and devoted in what you do and motivated enough. Many of our team colleagues started working with us during the first years of their studies, graduated with great success and have managed to develop as decent professionals in their field. We share their valuable advices for those of you who want to advance practically in your specialty, but are still anxious to take the first step towards a permanent work.

Plan ahead

If you know that you are about to have exams or the deadline for an important work project is approaching, schedule your commitments as early as possible, so that you can achieve balance. The earlier you plan, the easier it will happen.

Be organized

Always write down and follow the important deadlines, be it for course work, or test, or project, or just a simple work task. Thus, you will avoid missing a deadline.

Communicate with your supervisor

Your supervisor will be more responsive and understandable if you tell him as early as possible that you have to be absent or late for reasons related to your study, if you warn him as soon as you are able.


Try to follow structured patterns of work and learn how to be more focused and cope faster.

Get help

Sometimes you have to face a challenge to find out if you can handle it, but if you feel that things are not going as you expect, ask for help. There are enough colleagues of yours both at work and at university who have already gone your way.

Talk to your teachers

If you find it difficult to meet everything that is required of you as a student, talk to your teachers. For example, in some cases you can attend classes of other groups if your university schedule conflicts with your work schedule. Teachers may make exceptions for you for a coursework deadline if you show that you are responsible enough.

Evaluate your time

Think about how much time you spend on the activities you are engaged in. You may be wasting time that you can invest in something more meaningful and substantial.

Give yourself time to rest

Remember to find time to rest and clear your mind after work or study.