Internship Program Online – Mission Possible 2020
2 October 2020

During 2020 we accomplished not one but two online internship programs. It was our first time doing it entirely online and we should say it was an adventure. Two groups composed of the next generation rockstars in software development went through it in the most tremendous way.

The goal for every participant was to create a desktop app with the support of an experienced mentor from our company. Meanwhile, each one of the interns acquired skills with Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server, Visual C ++, MFC, Document-View Architecture. And that’s not all. Our dedicated mentors aimed to show them how to develop a career in software development, how to build a decent work etiquette, manage deadlines and be team players.

The whole program was held through online lectures, Q&A sessions and meetings. We are extremely thankful to our mentors who, regardless of the current situation stood by their interns and each one of them managed to finish their project. Also, we want to congratulate all the students who didn’t lose motivation even for a second.

At the end of every internship, we award the interns and to the best of them, we offer a permanent position in our company. This year we took on board some young tech enthusiast which already work on our company’s projects and we have big hopes for them.

We are very excited to meet new and driven young people every year and to invite them to become a part of our team. We can’t wait until the next internship program. If you are interested, stay put we will make sure we announce the next one really loudly.