Macedonia’s Capital Bank Migrates to BrightOS
7 January 2021

We are pleased to announce the successful migration of the Capital Bank software system to the CSoft core banking solution, BrightOS.

Founded in 1996, the Macedonian bank is part of Alfa Finance Holding - the leading European financial group in Southeast Europe. As such, Capital Bank provides solutions for small, micro, and medium enterprises, corporations, and community projects, by offering individual financial products, as well as adaptive consulting.

This year we took on the ambitious task of migrating CSoft’s first Macedonian client to BrightOS in a very short amount of time. Despite the difficulties caused by the global pandemic, CSoft team was able to complete the project in less than a year. Meticulously following our proven methods, we began by planning project timelines, deliverables, and milestones. We then proceeded to execute the different stages of the migration process, namely, these included gap analysis, product listing and parametrization, data mapping and cleaning, development of migration tools, configuring new platform, trial data loading, mock run, testing, as well as End-user training. All of these stages were adjusted in compliance with the respective Macedonian legal regulations and bank specifics. CSoft would like to thank each and every member of the Capital Bank team for their continuous cooperation, impeccable professionalism and support throughout the whole process of implementing the new core banking system.

Upon the completion of migration and successful data reconciliation on the 23rd of November, Capital Bank went live on the BrightOS software platform. Honouring our dedication to this project, we will continue to monitor the system and implement any required improvements. We believe that as a result of this migration, BrightOS will not only process all bank transactions, but will also stimulate the growth and efficiency of Capital Bank.

Humbled and inspired by the success of this project in North Macedonia, we welcome new opportunities, and are prepared tackle even greater challenges.