Team Buenos Aires brings the latest trends to customers
1 November 2022

CSoft is a banking solution vendor developing software with the customer in mind. Currently working on OneDesk, an innovative platform that will bring additional automation to banking branches while meanwhile creating a better user experience to end customers.

In the front line of this project is team Buenos Aires, a team of ambitious designers, passionate about UI and UX, and always on time with the latest trends in mobile and desktop applications.

Team leader of team Buenos Aires is Ivaylo. He introduces us to the team and shares more details about the project they are working over.

Why did you choose this name for your team?

When the team was created and they asked us to name it, one of the first names that came up was Buenos Aires. On one hand, because it's known for its beauty and art and on the other, it is desired destination for travelers. After we have made our research, we were sure this was the most suitable name.

"Buenos Aires" can be translated to "fair winds" and there is no better explanation for what a design team does – always riding the fair winds of trends.

What projects has your team been involved in during the past months?

As designers, we are involved in all projects related to the end users and front-end modules used by bank employees in the branches.

In the past few months, the whole team is working over OneDesk. CSoft's unique platform will optimize both the processes at bank branches and the interfaces for end users.

Our main goal is to push the interaction between banks and their customers to the next level. Our idea is ambitious – to make omnichannel solutions intuitive and shorten paths for users to complete an action.

What are the challenges and difficulties your team face?

Team Buenos Aires is a mix of generations, styles and interests. All of us have bright personalities and artistic talent. Now imagine all of that in the context of banking software.

We flow with the latest trends in UI/UX but bring elements of futurism and street art too. It is both a blessing and a challenge to fit our creativity into the tasks. Sometimes it is hard to explain our final vision to our other colleagues with technical thinking and years of banking experience but somehow, we always find a way to communicate. I believe it's because of how open-minded people are working at CSoft.

What did you learn at CSoft and would you apply it in the future?

All team members at Buenos Aires learn to have patience, also dive deeper into the problem to find better solutions. We strive to understand other people's points of view.

The creative process, people, and meetings taught us that it takes time to bring the best design that can meet the technical requirements but still be customer-centric, as end customers are a priority for us.

Buenos Aires team members learned to enjoy the journey, embrace the challenges and implement the ideas in a symbiosis with all technical requirements and security regulations.