Team Milan Implements a Complete Integration of Specialized Scanning Devices in the Core Banking System
20 October 2021

Our team successfully optimized the process of registration, identification and updating client information in Postbank (Eurobank Bulgaria) through a complete integration of specialized scanning devices in the core banking system.

The project includes various changes in the process of customer service in the bank's branches. Employees perform preliminary customer identification by scanning their IDs on specialized scanners. The device checks the validity and correctness of identity documents by irradiating with different light - white, infrared, ultraviolet. The document data is extracted and entered into the system automatically and it optimizes the time for entering and updating information in the client information file. It also minimizes the risk of errors associated with the manual management of this data. The functionality can be applied to both Bulgarian and foreign identity documents.

The team which was involved in the implementation of the project is called Milan. It often deals with challenging developments in terms of technical and business logic. The team leader Svetoslav will tell us more about their work.

Why did you choose this name for your team?

Svetoslav: Milan is one of the leading cities of the latest fashion trends. Like the fame that is brought to this city, our team is part of the most innovative projects and uses the most up-to-date development methods and technologies in the company.

Besides, Milan is a city in Italy - and who doesn't like delicious Italian pasta or pizza? :)

What projects has your team been involved in during the past months?

Svetoslav: During the past months, our team has been dealing with various developments related to the digitalization of Postbank. In general, they include expanding the range of opportunities for Digital Express Banking Zones, improvements in the functionality of the bank's digital portfolio, automation of the registration process and verification of new bank customers, providing an optimized process for opening new accounts in the virtual bank branch and others.

What were the challenges and difficulties you faced during the project related to the scanning devices?

Svetoslav: One of the most complicated steps of the project implementation was the connection with the specialized scanners and the analysis of the data received from them. The challenge arose from the fact that there were many and various identity documents. Each of them had specific details that should have been taken into account.

What did you learn thanks to the project and would you apply in the future?

Svetoslav: We learned different methods and approaches that we can apply in the processes of working with other vendors. We also convinced ourselves that even the smallest detail is important and should be taken into account. We believe that everything learned during the project development will be useful in the future undertakings of the team.