The First CSoft Tree Garden is Already a Fact!
3 November 2020

Did you know that trees serve as a natural purifying sponge so that when the rain falls the ground will absorb clear water? They also have other positive effects on nature as filtering the air, preventing soil erosion and combating climate change. Furthermore, we see their impact on our everyday life as they provide food and protect us from the strong rays of the sun. Trees create economic opportunities for a variety of businesses, and they have been doing it for hundreds of years.

Knowing the importance of trees inspired us to take action and to plant our first (but certainly not last) tree garden. We went through the whole local municipal procedure to make it legally and received our permission. In fact, it was easy, and we advise you not to let the bureaucracy stop you in such endeavors.

Urban planning experts advised us that autumn is the right time to plant our trees. We did a good cause and at the same time we managed to make a covid-friendly teambuilding outdoors. A professional showed us how to plant a tree, told us some interesting facts about the early life of plants and how to keep them safe until they grow big enough. We will make sure to follow his advices and take care of our trees for a few years so they can get strong and resist the nature by themselves.

You can find our garden on boulevard "Hristo Botev" near "The wall of heroes" in Varna, Bulgaria.