One of Our Best Internship Programs Ever Come to an End

13 September 2019

Recently, one of our best internship programs ever come to an end. It was successfully completed by 11 tech enthusiasts with different profiles,  students from Bulgarian and foreign universities and people who decided to retrain and develop new skills. During the theoretical sessions with us, they deepened their knowledge about the stages of creating a complete client-server application. They have acquired practical skills in working with technologies and tools of Microsoft РVisual Studio, SQL Server, Visual C ++, MFC, Document-View Architecture. With the help of our experienced mentors, who paid individual attention to each of the interns, they created their own complete desktop application. Throughout the program, the participants upgraded their teamwork skills  and also to plan and execute tasks with deadlines. As a result, we offered a permanent job at CSoft to the best performing trainees and we gladly expanded our team with new fresh and motivated individuals. One of them got a special reward from us for his exceptional performance Р1 year subscription for a popular website for online tech trainings.

Every year we meet more and more young people, excited about technologies, who amaze us with their enthusiasm, ability to learn quickly and face new challenges. Thanks to all the interns who chose to spend this wonderful summer with us. We believe that we have helped each and every one of them to achieve personal and professional growth and believe that they will be able to reach their full potential in software development.