Our three-decade experience at your service.

Your competitive advantage.

Scale up your transformation with added value of our knowledge, extending your IT capabilities and adding tech to your FinTech goals.

FinTech Advisory & Solutions

Let us provide the Tech to achieve your FinTech vision

A step by step process turns your vision into a complete solution

step 1
We support you through crystalizing an idea into features creating a clear set of business requirements. We specialize in transactional systems, where processing large data volumes in real time is vital.
step 2
We build a system architecture which is tailored and flexible. Our modular client-server applications embed a proprietatry multi-layer optimization ensuring scalability.
step 3
We implement.

Outsourced development

We are an extention to your IT staff

WHAT you have asked for,
WHEN you have asked for it,
for the pre-agreed Resources.

Implementing medium size integrated projects as well as large complex enterprise systems, Web and App development.

30+ years in nurturing engineering excellence has resulted in a strong foundation of technology know how, plug-and-play modules and ready-to-use tools and abstractions.

Clients become partners with a high-quality maintenance service. We go beyond one-off implementation solutions to ensure ongoing innovation and upgrade.

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Banking IT Consulting

Tap into a pool of shared knowledge and best practices
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We go the extra mile.
Building a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the digitalization of the banking industry.

Find holistic solutions.
Our trained business analysts can help crystalize your business objectives and find effective solutions that optimize resources as well as customer experience.

Don't get lost in translation.
Our engineers work hand-in-hand with our business analysts from day one to ensure the future success of each project.

Solve your regulatory compliance needs.
30+ years of experience collaborating with banking industry clients to stay ahead of regulatory frameworks.

Realizing your idea starts with a converstaion.
Let's build something exciting together!
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CSoft has been our main software supplier for nearly 15 years. We are greatly satisfied with the core system developed by the company, its maintenance and support. We receive a fast reaction in case of need and continuous technological renovation.

CSoft for us is a reliable and valuable partner.