The creation of a quality product is only a good beginning
Experience has taught us that the creation of an application product and its sale is, in fact, only a good beginning, but proving and asserting the true qualities of the software continue day after day, year after year. Investing in mutual trust and good collaboration with our clients from day one, we achieve successful and mutually beneficial cooperation in the long term.


Development of IT strategy

The knowledge we posses of contemporary technologies and the specifics of their application in Bulgaria, allow us to be a good consultant for every client that, following the logic of its internal progress, has reached the inevitable necessity for development of its own IT strategy.

Selection and supply of technical means and system software

The choice of technical means and system software greatly influences the effectiveness of each project.

Development of basic assignment for application software

For the creation of an adequate assignment for application software, the clients also need qualified assistance. When performing consultancy, we always strive to be useful, upright, and unbiased.



At each new adoption, the company provides a team of specialists, which, together with the client’s representatives, installs the necessary program modules on the site. Taking into consideration the available technical means, they perform the necessary setup and adjustments of the system software.


All our products are characterized by a high degree of parameterization. This requires performing full setup, consistent with the requirements and specifics of the particular client, before beginning actual use.

Data transfer

Whenever our products replace one or more solutions used previously, we strive to automate the transfer process to a maximum degree and minimize the initial manual data entry. To this end, we provide specialized auxiliary programs for processing and loading of the entire available information.


Preliminary training of the end users can be performed either at their workplace or at the company’s training base. It is performed in an environment closely resembling that of actual use.

Trial exploitation

By client’s request, we also perform the so-called trial exploitation. The software product is installed at a pilot project indicated by the client and works in the real environment. The results of exploitation are monitored and documented by a team of specialists, which, after the expiration of the settled period, draws a statement and recommendations for further work.


New versions

The exceptionally rapid development of information technologies, changes in regulations, and clients’ demands for new modules and functions determine the necessity for creation of new versions. In the process of their development and adoption, we always strive to: integrate the changes in the general concept in an optimum manner; provide a painless transition to the new modification; to react in an adequate time frame.


On occasions of new versions, significant functional changes, adoption of new bank products or by client request, we organize various forms of training. Our seminars, working meetings, and theme courses, are conducted by competent lecturers, who manage, in a short period of time, to present users with substantial and comprehensive methodological and technological information.


To facilitate our clients, we provide round-the-clock support (24×7) by use of “Telephone hotlines” or e-mail. Through these communication channels, the users receive, in a non-critical time period:

  • answers to all questions that have occurred while using our products;
  • competent advice on the settings and parameterization of the software systems necessary to optimize their functionality.