Spring Teambuilding CSoft 2019

5 June 2019

Spring green! Impetuous, fresh, clean, vital. That green which caresses our senses and warms up our hearts with that hope which every new spring brings. Spring green, this is how we met the Ludogorie for CSoft’s traditional corporate May holiday event.

The hospitality of our hosts from “Ostrovche” wellness resort and the creativity and efforts of our longtime partners and friends from “Patchwork” Communication Agency made our holiday pleasant, interesting and exciting. Traditionally, we shared the experience with our families and our special guests were more than twenty smiling and charming children of colleagues.

This year, three teams faced off in our competition called “Games of Honor”. They demonstrated team spirit, ingenuity, speed and intelligence.

„DO{ THRAKI(); }“ won the first adventurous game in which they had to uncover puzzles, assemble a birdhouse, orient themselves in the woods, paint and install the birdhouse and make fire.

„ITигри“ came to light in the second game, where, like in a famous TV show, the three teams had to guess the most popular responses given by CSoft’s employees to a variety of entertaining questions. For example, we learned which are the preferred drinks and the favorite football teams at the office.

“WILSON” with their two second places won the audience’s affection. All teams were worthy of the final victory, but the better pre-training of “ITигри”gave them a small lead and allowed them to grab the award – the transition bowl and a voucher for co-experience – emotion, adrenaline and high speeds at the karting track in Varna.

The program of the event included a trip to the Sveshtari Tomb, which is under the protection of UNESCO. There, we had the opportunity to take a glimpse at the legacy of the Thracians and to learn interesting facts about their manners and customs. Dated back more than twenty-two centuries ago, the tomb is well preserved and impresses with its elegant construction and exquisite decoration.