TouchScreen Front-end

Security. Reliability. Functionality.

TouchScreen Front-end is an optimized environment for customer servicing, offering an ergonomic interface and optimum use of external technical devices: printers, scanners (applying OCR technology for ID documents), card readers, touch-sensitive screens, digital pens. TouchScreen Front-end provides a standard interface and can be integrated with any external banking system.


The TouchScreen Front-end environment combines the use of cutting-edge technical means with precise analysis of business processes and achieves significant optimization. It ensures a faster and simpler servicing experience in bank branch for both customer and bank employee. Within the TouchScreen Front-end environment, bank employees can:

  • Use specialized interface for touch-sensitive monitors, contributing to the optimization of customer servicing;
  • Use a card reader for identification of already registered customers;
  • Scan various types of ID documents, and, using OCR for data reading, automatically update information in the customer information file;
  • Offer the customer a digital pen, using which both the paper documents and their digital copies are signed simultaneously. Automatically compare the signature placed on the document to the corresponding digital specimen;
  • With just a few touches on the touch-sensitive monitor, perform a drag-and-drop transfer between a customer’s accounts;
  • Offer the customer new and promotional products, selected automatically after an analysis of the services used by him/ her and his/ her individual needs.

Areas in the customer servicing screen

The customer servicing screen is divided into several areas with specific purpose and functions. Each area can contain data, images and buttons activating context-dependent functions.

The upper part of the screen contains data that is relatively static during a customer session and includes:

  • Area for system messages;
  • Area with information on the customer being serviced;
  • Area for the scanned images of customer’s documents.

The main part of the screen is the working area. It is used for the formation of accounting documents, as well as for entering and editing data. Its upper part provides indication of account context and action context. The bar in the lower part of the screen contains buttons for the services or individual actions that can be performed in the given context. This is one of the most dynamic areas of the screen.

Additionally, depending on the context, the following functional capabilities are available:

  • Offering banking products suitable for the customer being serviced;
  • Buttons for access to service groups;
  • Digital keyboard for entering of data into number fields.

Customer session

The customer session is a chronological sequence of all actions performed by a bank employee while servicing a given customer. The customer session is activated when a customer is identified and is active until customer servicing is completed. The information on sequence of actions, their duration and specific parameters saved in customer sessions provides an opportunity for statistics and analysis of various aspects of customer servicing.

Service and action

TouchScreen Front-end offers a set of banking services, including: deposits, withdrawals and banking transfers, currency exchange, queries, change of account terms, settings, setup of proxies, blocks, etc. To facilitate the bank employees’ work, services are combined into groups that can be defined according to criteria selected by the bank. In the context of customer servicing and a selected account, certain service groups are accessible, and their corresponding services within each group. When a service is selected, the possible actions are displayed.