How do We at CSoft Reduce Plastic Use in the Office?
7 July 2021

Plastic is used in many products of our daily lives. Unfortunately, there is a problem with its decomposition and this makes it one of the biggest polluters on the planet. There are many organizations that seek to resolve this case, but we at CSoft believe that each of us has a personal responsibility to make the nature and the communities we live in cleaner and more beautiful. That's why we share with you what steps we have taken to reduce the use of plastic in the office and hope to inspire you to follow suit.

Reusable crockery and cutlery

In all our offices there are small kitchens. In them we have provided a sufficient amount of ceramic and glass cups and plates, as well as metal utensils. In addition, each team member can bring their own stuff. We have enough cabinets to store them and we have conditions for cleaning and disinfection.

Collecting plastic bottle caps

In recent years, several organizations are collecting and recycling plastic bottle caps for charity. In our office we are also happy to join this initiative. When the time for handing over caps approaches, we appeal to colleagues who collect caps at home to also bring them to the office. Then a volunteer from the team brings them to the charity organization.

Food boxes

We have already shared that our offices have kitchens with space for storage. We bring food in boxes, which we store in the refrigerator. At lunch we can heat our food in the oven. By doing so we consume delicious and warm food without ordering dishes that suppliers carry in disposable plastic containers.

Fewer plastic folders

We strive to print less on paper. Where applicable, we use digital methods to organize information. As a result, we use fewer plastic folders every year.

Beer dispenser

Beer is the most popular drink among IT professionals. Therefor, when we organize teambuilding, we do not buy plastic bottles and pitchers of beer, but rent a dispenser for draft beer and drink from glasses. This way we not only limit plastic, but also enjoy kraft beer in the best way.


Despite our efforts, as we mentioned, plastic is all around us and it is difficult to completely wipe it out. Therefore, when we use plastic, we throw it away separately to be recycled.


To phase out the use of plastic in our life, it is important to know what the alternatives to the products that contain it are. Awareness is at the heart of change, so we have built a corporate culture of sharing information on all environmental topics. In July, in line with the global Plastic Free July® movement, we will challenge ourselves to reduce the use of plastics at home. Do it yourself too!