VCSBank is an integrated modular system covering all aspects of banking activity. It consists of a Core (Core Banking) and its accompanying business modules encompassing processes related to retail banking and wholesale operations. All modules are operating with common statical data, they are integrated in a uniform system for access control and management, and are customer-oriented.

The uniform approach to on-screen dialogues and menus design, the universal system of context-dependent links, and the thorough active control ensure a unified and easily comprehensible access for the end users to all of the bank’s information resources.

Regardless of their origin – a branch of the bank, Internet banking, payment systems SWIFT/ BISERA/ RINGS, ATM etc. – all bank transactions are standardized and processed in a uniform manner online in the course of a continuous working mode (24x7).

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CSWebBanking  is an Internet banking system that provides convenience and security to customers when performing bank transactions and accessing current information on the balance and activity on their accounts. CSWebBanking uses approved technologies for data security and protection, it is accessible in 24x7 mode and works entirely in real time.

The system complies with the requirements of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, and each customer order issued through it is interpreted as an electronic document within the meaning of this law. In order to guarantee the security of personal data and the bank information being exchanged, the following are used:

  • Unique combinations of name and password for each authorized user.
  • Encrypted sessions (SSL) for communication between the bank server and the user browser.
  • User session timeout – automatic termination of the connection if traffic is missing for a certain time interval.
  • Digital certificates complying with the X.509 v3 standard, approved in worldwide practice for protection of financial information. The system works both with universal electronic signatures (UES) issued by providers of authorization services within the country and with digital certificates issued by the bank.

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