Measurable success.
10 000 000
Serviced via CSoft software solutions every year
500 000 000
Annual workload managed by CSoft software solutions
10 000 000 000
Annual server requests answered by CSoft software solutions
We strive to provide high quality, efficient and scalable solutions for our clients.
A partner that can realize your vision for excellence
The power of Banking with modern, competitive solutions
Your Digitalization to Оmni-channel UX.

Our loyal customers.

Our mission is to provide our customers freedom to innovate. We care about better customer experience and we give our great effort to build the best end-to-end solutions because no project is too small for us.
We are happy to help you find your solution and prepare better for future challenges.

International Asset Bank is greatly satisfied with the system maintenance and support provided by CSoft. We receive a prompt response in case of necessity and continuous technological renovation.
The Bank recognizes CSoft as one of its most successful partnerships and we are glad to recommend and guarantee for the professionalism and integrity of the company's team.
The Bank receives accurate and competent consultancy services provided by highly qualified specialists in reference to different problems relevant to the products usage and the daily working process.
We are here to support your digital journey
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