Let your new age IT ecosystem build upon a modern Core Banking.

System Overview.

BrightOS is a rich modular Core Banking System. Its highly optimal core is extended with functional units that span all bank processes, creating a fully-operational bank environment from day one. BrightOS prepares you for tomorrow's challenges with scalable, API-rich and event-driven solutions.

Features & Advantages.


White-label solution to meet your customers digital expectations and native integration with our/any Core banking platform.

Privacy by design

When selecting BrightOS one of the key factors to consider is the guaranteed data privacy and protection against data loss. Our solution is fully compliant with GDPR regulation including embedded functionalities for consent management.

API Gateway

Seamless integration to any 3rd party platform thanks to our highly customizable event-action framework and rich APIs catalog based on industry standard protocols like REST+JSON and SOAP

Speed with scalable infrastructure

Providing you the ability to scale horizontally as your customer and product base grows.

Digitalize your business

Benefit from range of digitalization integrations, saving time and enhancing your customer services.

Consent Management & PSD2 APIs

PSD2 requirements are seamlessly integrated with our Consent Management module, providing out-of-the-box compliance

SEPA Instant

Offer your customers the fastest payment transfer via SEPA Instant available now on our Core Banking system. In addition, we are offering wide variety of industry standard payment systems and standards - TARGET2, SWIFT, BISERA7, STEP2. etc.

Security by design

With implementing variety of measures to mitigate risks BrightOS has has been designed to be secure from its core architecture.

Performance & Health Orchestration Tools

With proactive actions initiated by our Customer Support Service, important part of BrightOS is the performance management and health orchestration that elevates automation capabilities from simple admin tasks to complex end-to-end service.

Empower your cross-selling

Streaming all available customer data into our Next-best Product Engine, we empower both up and cross-selling.

One stop-shop for all your needs

CSoft BrightOS provides fully integrated solution, covering the entire banking process value chain.

Reduce time to market

Leveraged by rapid and on-time implementations.

System Installation.

On premise.

for your business.

for Banking.
for Lending.
for Payments.
in 3 days
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Post Bank

Post Bank have been cooperating CSoft Ltd. Since 1994 and we have always been satisfied with the quality of the services and the competences of an extremely motivated team of professionals.

The Bank receives accurate and competent consultancy services to the products usage and the daily working process.

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