Official opening of CSoft BrightLAB

24 March 2023

CSoft BrightLAB had its official opening ceremony on March 22nd, which was attended by representatives of the Technical University of Varna, CSoft Ltd. and various members of the media.

Professor Vencislav Valchev, the rector of TU-Varna, welcomed the guests and thanked everyone who participated in the process of creating BrightLAB.

Afterwards, the floor was passed to Eng. Sarkis Sarkizov, CEO of CSoft.

He noted:

"I am proud and satisfied that we are opening the unrecognizably transformed classroom, equipped with the latest technologies. For us, this is not just the opening of a modernized space, but it symbolizes our dedication and our joined determination to support innovation in all its forms and contribute to shaping the future minds of Bulgaria. We are proud to work with the University which provides an environment that stimulates innovation and inspiration of students, leading to personal development and letting them be in time with a dynamically changing environment… It is not a cliché that investments in education are actually investments in the future."

Eng. Sarkis Sarkizov, CEO of CSoft 

Solemn consecration of the new space was performed by Father Vasiliy Shagan.

Eng. Sarkis Sarkizov received a certificate for the donation and wrote a message for future generations in the book of honor for the third millennium of the Technical University of Varna.

Finally, the Student Council President, Presiyana Dimitrov, joined in with a speech expressing gratitude on behalf of the TU students to everyone who worked hard for turning the CSoft BrightLAB into reality.

Representatives of BNT 2 were guests at the event, to cover the opening and interview some of the officials. The filmed material will be included in Znanie.BG.

The creation of BrightLAB represents our desire for CSoft to be the first choice for the realization and professional development of the most talented students graduating from the "Software and Internet Technologies" major at the Technical University of Varna.