Programmers from CSoft at "We Are Developers" 2018 in Vienna
12 May 2018

This year, three of our colleagues had the pleasure to visit We Are Developers World Congress. They deserved this privilege with their innovative ideas for the development of our products, which they were able to share in an intra-company competition. In it, our developers had to unleash their creative thinking for improving BrightOS, in terms of performance, security,
stability or general system architecture. The authors of the most ingenious ideas had the opportunity to attend the largest conference for developers in Europe. For four days, our colleagues were inspired by worlds greatest DEV gurus and also got to know the cultural spirit and the nightlife in Vienna, where the event took place.

In May 2018, We Are Developers brought together more than 8000 participants and over 150 inspirators from all over the world. It is a place to get to know the latest trends in the industry and share experience with some of the brightest minds in the technological world. Some of the most impressive speakers at the event were Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder), Joseph Sirosh (Microsoft) and Angie Jones (Twitter). They gave exciting insights into the future of technology.

Our colleagues came back full of positive emotions and inspired to implement innovative solutions in their work.